Icelandic Saga Maps


So here I am looking at my notes and back to June during my work on Iceland…

The Icelandic Sagas are unique and here come also how they are embedded in the cultural landscapes, they are written into the landscapes. It is incredible how sagas pop out of the landscapes everywhere one goes, and having that in focus it could bring totally new dimensions to a travel on Iceland both for adults but not at least for children! Here a boring hike will become an adventure with traces of elves and muscled Vikings.

“The sagas are marvelous stories in their own right. These muscled, powerful narratives carry the reader or listener captive into a world where men and women live out their lives against a wild and untamed natural background. There is violence, yes, with killings and counter killings; there are merciless blood-feuds which overwhelm whole families; but there is love and nobility too, a grandeur of spirit which elevates even most mundane existence to immortality.”   -Emily Lethbridge

Icelandic Saga Maps; , is a fantastic way to discover a whole new dimension of the Icelandic cultural landscapes and the sagas, where one both can see how they move around the landscapes, how the Sagas and the people in them are related, maybe being able to figure out the plots that are both complex and intricately woven.

 So this site is both for people who love the sagas or as a tool to explore the landscapes of Iceland in a new way.

Caption from the site, which marks where the “Reygæla Saga og Viga Skútu” is embedded into the landscapes.

“What gives the sagas their sense of absolute appearance of truth, has always been their sense of place. The sagas and the landscapes are inseparable. They are written in the landscape,- about that landscape, which adds immeasurably to their immediacy” 

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