“Travelling, -it leaves you speechless, and then turns you in to a storyteller”

Its just like this I feel when being in the field. It is incredible how small one can feel, how breathless one can become and quiet. Sometimes when hiking not a word is spoken, as if we try to blend in to the quietness of the Greenlandic nature.This years survey was one of the most beautiful and fulfilling!

 We travelled from ice dammed lakes up to webs of small valleys.


We travelled in a world embraced in fog or over the clouds as being in heaven.



We travelled past glaciers in to landscapes as if we were on the moon.



We travelled in landscapes molded and transformed by past ice ages.

P1020831 P1020829

We travelled in pouring rain and passed raging rivers.


Sometimes we travelled through areas not marked on the map. Supposed valleys became deep and steep crevices. Hikes supposed to be only be two hours became 5.

P1020855 P1020863

We travelled through landscapes of fire.


And through landscapes of ice

P1020413 P1020886P1020881We travelled past majestic mountains.


We travelled through landscapes where fragile plants survived but majestic creatures demise.

P1020838 P1020844

We travelled through landscapes, that had earlier been settled and used only finding traces and remains.



“Right now I am speechless but tomorrow the stories will begin!”


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