Chapter 3, -tricks in the field!

Hiking for days, in rain, and in rain ,and in rain, up steep valleys, over cliffs, in summer or in winter, there are simple tricks that might make life even more enjoyable!

Trick 1 -Wool!


Wool is the best to keep warm! I am not good at fleece and synthetic material -wool keeps warm if you are wet or dry!

Trick 2 -Nutella!



Nutella is a life saver!

Trick 3 -Know your herbs!


I got a very bad allergic reaction, one where I am left a weak with an eye that looks like the the hunchback from Notre Dame even though eye use a special creme. I of course did not have the cream along, so boiled the herb “labrador tea” put some of it on my eye and it was gone the next day! ALL OF IT!

Trick 4 -Tampons!


Tampons are fantastic to begin a fire when everything else is soaked!




Trick 5 -Never underestimate carrying too much


It might just be a life saver for your feet when it comes to dry socks!


Trick 6 -Duck tape!


Need I say more!

Trick 7 – A pipe and good tobacco!


Is cosy, smells good and keeps the midgets away.

Trick 8 -A field dog!


I have had a couple along during my years in the field!


It can be fun, it can be annoying especially when you find yourself totally crumbled together at one end of the tent and then see a dog enjoying you pillow in full length!


But most of all it is fantastic!

Trick 9 – A good book!


This book was just what I needed in the evenings in the tent and when the rain poured down, ones legs were tired or one was freezing in the sleeping bag!

Trick 10 -Remember enough toilet paper!

download (1)

We did not!

Trick 11 -Be in the field with great people!


It makes the field unforgettable!

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