Keeping fingers crossed


No place on the planet is experiencing faster and more dramatic changes in the climate than the Arctic. At the same time, the Arctic holds a dramatic history of abrupt changes in climate, environmental settings and ecology. Nowhere on the planet therefore, is the phrase “the past is the door to tomorrow” more relevant and true than in the Arctic

So what do archives, logbooks, tradelists, diaries, maps, local knowledge, ecostystems, fishermen, cultural landscapes, thick billed murres, little alks, bowhead whales, feces, feathers, eDNA, stable isotopes, marine sediment cores and flexible management regimes have in common and what stories can they tell?

I have just submitted a new research proposal that will answer these questions as well as it promises to nurture new knowledge on issues of pressing concern related to environmental change and management regimes in the Arctic, developing innovative methods for interdisciplinary research.. Now only time and a good bag of luck can maybe make my wish of a future and inspiring project come through!

“Research is the highest form of adoration”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Crossing fingers!

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