Svalbard Day IV, Russian Svalbard


The Russian Svalbard is histories of hunters and trappers and miners for coal (se also my story about the mining town Kirkenes). The latter for many seeming a sad history but I see it as an artistic and fantastic scenery of a history of people, that in some way becomes beautiful contrasts to the surrounding environments.


Maybe it is also sets the scenary of a historic archaeology that in the future will see the light.

Pyramiden was a Russian mining settlement designed with effectiveness and with mining in mind, but also with the intention of taking care of the workers welfare and family life and therefore represents a unique historical site, where even though gaizing over glaciers and majestic mountains has the architectural and artistic qualities that clearly are Soviet.


The settlement was abandoned in 1998 and now the blocks of brick buildings have been taken over by birds who have settled the settlement with a new way of inhabitation, bird colonies.


Barentsburg also sets the scene of mining with coal streaming down the sides of the mountains.

 In the same way, the town is a historic timeline taking us to present time where people still inhabit the town, being the second largest town on Svalbard.

Within this town of beautiful colors contrasting to the  barren harsh landscapes also lays a small oasis of a chapel that takes one into the world of Russian fairy tales, gaizing over the fjord of Grønfjorden.

And as one can enter a scenary of Russian fairy tales being in such a remote part of the Arctic, see the beauty in a world that for many is hidden and misunderstood, can not be described differently than;

“Beauty is no quality in things themselves. It exists  merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind percieves a different beauty”


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