I can only expresse the power of this fantastic female research group I am part of. We started small and with a modest funding we hopefully will grow bigger as the topic of contaminants and pollutants is a present concerned that there need to be more focus on, especially in Greenland ( What happens when the ice melts?).

POPS in snow and ice are pollutants not accounted for even though the can effect drinking water, enter ecosystems and accumulating up through the food web. It can have a underestimated impact on both animals and human health. In the face of climate change these contaminants the POPs in snow and ice, are reentering and being redeposited. In spring 2018, a small team will ski across the southern Greenland, collecting surface snow samples for persistent organic pollutants (POP) concentration on surface snow to define the sources of today’s airborne contaminants entering the Arctic. 


Furthermore through citizen science we wish to engage the communities in these studies with their knowledge, perceptions and what they define as important research questions. 

no-nb_bldsa_3b057 001

Commemorating Nansen’s original traverse, which took place exactly 130 years before our traverse, we will celebrating this annirversary  and spirit of Nansens work throughout the Arctic.


Introducing the POP Greeland team:

Agna Bielecka
Justyna Dudek
Krystyna Koziol
Ann Eileen Lennert
Lindsey Nicholson
Zaneta Polkowska

A collaboration between institution in Poland, Scotland, Greenland and Norway and a collaboration and team that I think also will do some fun work and studies in the future as well.

So! Come follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/popgreenland/

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