Aataas adventurous tales


Taking a new turn in the communication of my research, I am about to make a children’s book together with Sigurd S. Ovesen. A book which aims to uniquely connect narratives, culture, history and science together with stories told by older hunters of Greenland and at the same time lead the young readers into a fantasy world created by a child’s living empathy.

Therefore, the book will could be read and experienced in different ways based on age, time and mood. At the same time it will play one important role in the valuation and preservation of a unique culture and knowledge hidden in the landscapes of the Greenlandic fjords.

Ny skitse bedstefar

Through the stories of the hunters there is a unique and an amble opportunity to let go ones imagination, and in this world of imagination and fantasy, teach children about a unique history, linking the traditional knowledge together with science and archaeology. Similarly, the Greenlandic place names can tell their very own unique story that reflects what the hunters tell about nature, culture and history.

But most of all, such a book will educate and preserve a culture, as well as knowledge that the hunters wish to share with children and young people. Likewise, it will educate in our role in Arctic environments, hopefully bringing some thought to how we wish our Arctic to be in the future. It will communicate my research and knowledge which I have assembled, making is sustainable for generations to come.


So in the coming future Aataa will take the children onboard on a journey of illustrations filled with fantasy, stories mesmerizing the youth and hopefully opening up for a curiosity of the our surrounding environments, but also communicate the beauty and uniqueness of this Arctic region to the rest of the world.


With this I wish to thank NAPA and Ivalo & Minik Fonden for supporting the work!

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