“My life has always been a travel. I myself am half Turkish and half Danish, grew up with the with the best from the two very different cultures. I have always had a heaving to explore, in a multi sensory manner and suddenly I found myself in the Arctic, Greenland. I fell in love not only with a man but with the people, the culture and not at least the the landscapes. I fell in love with the knowledge and relationships that the people I met had with their environments, as being natural historians in their own unique way”

This blog, is a blog about my research in the Arctic, not only of what I would do in front of my desk or in the field but also what I experience through the daily, -it educates in every way.

Landscapes and environments are for me unique. Landscapes in a unique sense symbolizes an unwritten history. It tells a story about the interaction between humans and nature, it reflects environments and climate variability but most important of all, is the core of the cultural roots, ways of perceiving ones surroundings and therefore the ways of movement and travel. When unfolded it is attached and related to a wealth of memories which for some of us from the outside would be invisible. It is a place where people share their experiences and memories. It is experienced through all the senses, sight, smell, sound, often it is a these senses that create unique memories of stories linked to just the area you moved through. These stories connected to the understanding, identity, ties, memories and history also educates and acquired knowledge and experience, but at the same time the root for shaping one’s own, -it these environment and landscapes I wish to share.

This blog is also a blog of how I experience nature, features being geology, the clouds, the smell or the touch of the air before it rains or the weather changes. It is how I experience animals, the sea or when one suddenly has treas instead of baron rock.

So this blog tries to unfold how I experience my travels in the arctic, known and unknown. How traces in the landscapes and environments connect to my understanding of nature, identity, ties, memories and history. How these landscapes inspire, create questions, educates and acquires new knowledge and not at least experience.It will be a type of field diary where i hope that other will share, comment and broaden my perceptions.

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